Classic Chinese Feng Shui a Weapon for Success in Business and Finance.

Earth Luck International

For thousands of years, Feng Shui masters and their few handpicked “in house” students tightly guarded ancient Classical Feng Shui concepts and formulas. Its secrets poetically disguised in Chinese verses called the Classics. This secrecy made FS difficult to comprehend. Only masters with lifetimes of training and experience knew how to use these secrets to keep men in power, win battles and amass wealth. Historically, only the noble and high ranking were allowed the benefits of Feng Shui. 

In an effort to discover the secrets of Feng Shui’s power, some sought to become scholars of the Classics. Some paid astronomical prices to obtain formulas hidden in its versus. In current day, many created Feng Shui concepts that form a realm of misunderstandings and myths that do not represent the true essence or effectiveness of Feng Shui.

With a technical background in aeronautic quality control, Master Angel de Para was driven to quantify the explanations of others even though he studied with some of the world’s leading authentic FS masters. To gain even higher levels of understanding, he had the Classics interpreted to him. Firmly rooted in his foundation, he set out to scientifically prove its theories and formulas through extensive, worldwide research, observation, application and documentation. Through his rigorous studies and private practice he further discovered and continues to systematically prove a multitude of his own formulas and theories, advancing Feng Shui into 21st century applications. His teachings clarify and transform the many misconceptions and ineffective formulas that are confusing and frustrating those who want to learn and practice authentic Feng Shui.

Through his extensive experience as a highly effective practitioner he found the teachings of his masters to be strong, however, the methodology of applying FS needed to adapt to the many changes in our universe.  Changes in our means of social interaction and communication, the way we conduct business, construct buildings, apply science, create economic strategies, and so on. Currently, Master de Para is the only Feng Shui master that has preserved the essence of ancient Feng Shui while scientifically developing it to synchronize with our modern world.

With 20+ years of experience and traveling worldwide to do 24,000+ audits, GMA had little time to share his discoveries. Only a few were honored with the benefit of studying the immeasurable knowledge and wisdom he gained from working with a broad range of situations for people, businesses, corporations, institutions and governments. Realizing the importance of passing on his findings he decided to focus on developing a comprehensive program for his school of FS, Earthluck International. 

Earthluck International integrates techniques from San He and San Juan to go beyond what other schools offer: a systematic approach to “see the chi” that expands the mind past 2 dimensions to a multi-dimensional analysis of the 5-elemental theory. This opens up levels of the universe that few have the privilege of experiencing.

Master de Para’s teachings reveal how to effectively make a difference in people’s lives and careers by using their environmental energies along with their personality, occupation and current situation to develop strategies that increase the probability of achieving specific goals and outcomes that support their priorities.

Join us in studying and mastering chi through GMA’s Earthluck lineage. It is a journey of exploring the depths of our environment, how it influences us, and what we can do to harness this energy. Seeing life through the “eyes of chi” opens up our awareness giving us tools to add power to influencing individual and collective destinies. Experience the science and art of Master de Para’s Feng Shui teachings. They will enrich your life forever.

The Earth Luck International is also a school offering beginner, intermediate and professional level courses including practitioner level seminars and workshops for students who want to make Feng Shui your career.

Remember, to make a change you must take the first step!…

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